Global Perspectives with Karine
EP3. 和完美主義共處,以及女性電玩家的崛起!

Hi 大家!歡迎收看「Karine 的世界週報:精選世界要事和風格生活」。本週的專欄會和大家討論為什麼有時完美主義會是我們的敵人、在遊戲產業中的女性玩家,最後是一些我自己的生活分享。

Hello everyone and welcome to “Global Perspectives with Karine.” 

The idea of this column is to bring to the CAREhER community a new external lens by curating content and selecting relevant readings from current affairs, technology, lifestyle, fashion, well-being… 

In this week’s edition, we will cover why sometimes perfection can be the enemy, the Female representation in the Gaming Industry, and finally my recommendations for this week!

Insights 觀點

Perfect is the enemy 完美是我們的敵人 

In a job interview, we are often asked what our biggest flaw is, and according to popular advice, we should never respond “perfectionist”. It would actually be interesting to ask ourselves why perfectionism can be our enemy. Why it can slow us down or even lead to serious anxiety disorder.

Perfectionism can be draining for yourself but also for your colleagues: you can waste time on relatively unimportant decisions and, because you expect others to align to your standards, you end up making collaboration more difficult. 

在面試中 ,我們常被問到:「你認為你最大的缺點是什麼?」根據普遍的建議,最好別回答「完美主義」。這其實延伸出了很有趣的問題ㅡ為什麼完美主義會是我們的潛在敵人?為什麼完美主義會拖慢我們的腳步導致我們的嚴重焦慮


Abstract 節錄

  • “Setting high standards and aiming for excellence can be positive traits, but perfectionism is dysfunctional
  • Perfectionism is now a growing cultural phenomenon, fueled by modern parenting and social media and an increasingly competitive economy…
  • The constant stress of striving to be perfect can also leave people fatigued, stressed and suffering from headaches and insomnia.
  • Perfectionism comes in three common flavors — “self-oriented,” where someone demands perfection from themselves; “other-oriented,” where they demand perfection from others around them (like spouses, co-workers or friends), and “socially prescribed” perfectionism, where the person feels external pressure from the larger world and society to be perfect.
  • “If you need to be right before you move, you will lose. Speed trumps perfection. Perfection is the enemy of good when it comes to emergency management.”
  • Since perfectionism and indecision often go hand in hand, Dr. Schwartz said your first step should be moving from a mind-set that “only the best will do” to “good enough is good enough.”


  • 設定高標準、追求卓越是上進的表現,但過度追求完美有時是行不通的。
  • 在現今的育兒觀念、社群媒體、還有經濟競爭的推動下,完美主義成了日益增長文化現象。
  • 當人們長期處於力求完美的壓力下,可能會引起過於勞累、壓力過大、頭痛、失眠等症狀。
  • 完美主義可以細分成三種:期待自己能做到盡善盡美的「自我導向」;期待他人(像是伴侶、同事或朋友)完美的「他人導向」;以及認為他所處的環境要求他達到完美的「社會傾向」。
  • 各個領域成功的人大多都不是完美主義者,因為害怕犯錯帶來的焦慮會讓你停滯不前。
  • 如果你必須確認下一步是萬無一失的才敢前進,這就會導致你失足。完成比完美更好。面臨危機時,力求完美就成了善的敵人。
  • 完美主義和優柔寡斷常常並存,因此Schwartz博士提到,從「要做到最好」轉為「剛剛好即可」是心態調正的第一步。

Go further with this TED Talk from Social psychologist Thomas Curran who explores how the pressure to be perfect is driving a rise in mental illness, especially among young people

如果對這個議題有興趣,快去觀看這部TED Talk。演講者是社會心理學家Thomas Curran,他的研究是探討完美主義帶來的壓力是如何導致人們的心理疾病增加,以及在年輕族群尤其嚴重的情況。

Food for thought 啟發

Female representation in the Gaming industry 

When we think about video games and esports, we often picture it as a masculine pursuit – either we look at a e-sport competition audience or at the profiles of game developers. However, in recent years, female gamers have been on the rise especially in Asia, and it looks like female representation in the industry is growing as well. 

Google has recently launched a new series of insights in partnership with Niko Partners, on Asia’s $70B gaming market. In this 4-part report, you will find a comprehensive guide that highlights new developments, intriguing trends, and untapped markets on the rise. The first edition is about key ways to engage one of Asia’s fastest-growing gaming audiences, female gamers: Female audience has been a huge catalyst for growth in the industry in the past years, and this in every one of Asia’s key markets. However, despite this significant evolution, women are still underrepresented within the industry.



Google 和 Niko Partners 合作新推出針對亞洲700億的遊戲市場一系列的洞察報告每期報告的內容分成四個部分,其中包含一個綜合指南,指出了新進展、新趨勢、新市場不斷興起。第一份報告的主題是「如何吸引女性電玩家ㅡ亞洲市場成長最快速的受眾之一」。在過去幾年來,女性受眾一直都是促進遊戲產業發展重要的元素,她們也是亞洲主要市場重要的催化劑。儘管如此,在該產業的女性依然難以嶄露頭角


Abstract 節錄

  • For 2019, the numbers of female gamers had grown to 38% of the 1.33bn global gaming population.
  • But for Asia, the proportion of female gamers is much higher. In China, they now account for 45%, while for South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia the figure is 40%
  • There are a number of factors that are contributing to this rise, with storylines becoming more inclusive and connectivity improving across the region.
  • Mobile has become the most popular platform among female gamers by far. 
  • Female gamers are unique in how long they stay wired into their favorite games. In our 2019 survey, we found that 60% of female gamers spend up to seven hours per week playing.
  • The nature of the programmes and games that are studied can have a big impact on a student’s enjoyment of the course. “Being surrounded by people who were passionate about hardcore and AAA [blockbuster] games definitely made me question whether I counted as a ‘gamer’,”
  • Games themselves can also play a role in challenging the biases that hold women back from considering the industry as a valid career choice, starting with portraying them in a way that doesn’t play into offensive stereotypes.


  • 在2019年,女性電玩家的數量已增長到13.3億全球遊戲人口的38%。
  • 但在亞洲,女性電玩家的比例較其他的區域高出許多。現在女性電玩家在中國佔了45%,而在韓國,日本和東南亞為40%。
  • 遊戲劇情變得更多元共融、跨區域的連線問題獲得改善,都是促成這個現象的因素。
  • 統計至今,手機已成為女性遊戲玩家中最受歡迎的平台
  • 值得一提的是,女性玩家在自己鍾愛的遊戲上的在線時間。在我們2019年的調查中發現,60%的女性玩家每週花費多達七個小時玩遊戲。
  • 研究顯示,遊戲本身會對學生是能專注於課業有重大的影響。「當我身邊的人都熱衷於高難度的遊戲、3A級的遊戲,我就會開始想是不是我也該參與其中。」
  • 遊戲中對女性的偏見也是勸退女性選擇進入遊戲電競產業的原因,試想她們不想開啟那些對女性有性別刻板印象的遊戲就能了解了。

Miscellaneous 微觀生活

Some recommendations to start the holiday season! 




I was recently looking for a feel-good movie on Netflix and found “The Blind Side”. It is a blockbuster from the 2020s and Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy. For the little story, Sandra Bullock had been offered the role a handful of times. She initially kept rejecting it because she believed she could not play the part of a devout Christian woman. 


Apparently Taipei records the second hottest temperature in 123 years this month… 

Let’s take a break from hot pot and beef noodles and try to make a refreshing greek salad with grilled halloumi! Very easy to prepare and the cheese can be easily found in Taipei.


To go further on the topic of perfectionism, I recommend this podcast from HBR. It is one of the episodes from the series “Women at Work” – with an interview of Alice Boyes, a former clinical psychologist, author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit and The Anxiety Toolkit.


前陣子我在Netflix上搜尋feel-good movie (溫馨勵志片)的時候,找到了《攻其不備》。這部片當時相當賣座,主演珊卓·布拉克也憑藉著黎安·圖依一角奪下奧斯卡獎。




現在吃火鍋和牛肉麵真的太熱了,試著做清爽的希臘沙拉配上grilled halloumi (希臘起司的一種)吧!沙拉的製作過程相當的簡單,需要用到的起司也能在台北輕鬆找到。


如果對先前提到的主題ㅡ「完美主義」有興趣,歡迎大家去聽聽哈佛商業評論》推薦這集podcast。這集podcast是Women at Work系列中的其中一集,內容是前心理學家Alice Boyes的採訪,他也是The Healthy Mind Toolkit and The Anxiety Toolkit 的作者。