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We empower leadership for women through our community connections, conscious content and curated experiences.

|CAREhER Content|透過 Leading Ladies Podcast 專訪和深度專題等內容發聲,與女性領導者、創業家、經理人、思想領袖聊聊他們的為什麼和真心話,並用更全球的視野,討論重要的議題。透過這些分享,幫助有企圖心的女性成長並共學。並且舉辦大型商業論壇,讓更多女性成就領導力以及商業成長。

|CAREhER Curated|Connect & grow with our intimate salon talks, workshops and happy hour get togethers. 每月策劃的主題活動,從小型親密的商業主題沙龍、到風格生活的 workshop、年末的會員 Gala 聚餐等;會員更能享有 CAREhER 策展的 Experience 、小班領導力成長課程以及圓桌聚餐並且使用大安森林公園附近的私人會所。

|CAREhER Consulting| We help to further achieve organizations ESG goals through our DEI tools based on community building, and focusing on female leadership. Our solutions includes content production, event curation and community engagement.

Join us, 和我們一起 build meaningful connections!

Co-founder & CEO

Tiffany Chou

An entrepreneur, strategist, and explorer. An advocate in female empowerment and a believer in providing resources for women leaders.

With 10 years of digital media, content curation, branding & product development experience & 2+ years of DEI consultancy experience for Fortune 500 companies in Japan & Singapore. I Spearheaded the APAC expansion of CAREhER & The Dream Collective (2 female targeted brands).

Been moving between Northern California, Taipei & Tokyo, which created the basis of her cultural flexibility & strength at market entry & growth.

Tiffany speaks on topics like inclusive leadership, DEI strategies, community building and personal growth topics.

Co-founder & Singapore Chapter Lead

Yee Ling Chang

Born in Singapore, Yee Ling attended LSE & has an MBA from Chicago Booth.

She started her career in the finance industry but moved on after a couple of years to join the F&B industry where she developed her strong sense of business acumen, and her great taste in food and writing.

Co-founder & Senior Business Director

Mikey Shih

Our Business Director and Advisor Mikey – a veteran in performance textiles, who has worked with outdoor sporting brands to develop and supply sustainable materials for the past decade. Thrills the zero to one and team building process, he is also currently a BD consultant for 2 public companies in Taiwan.

Mikey is a U of Michigan and NTU Alum. A software engineer by education, and a BD guru wannabe in real life.

Other than running his textile consultancy and outdoor sporting brand @gearlaboutdoors Mikey is also the Co-Founder of CareHim, a safe harbor for the better halves of CAREhER members.

Co-founder & Editor in Chief

Christina Lin

Having supported small businesses throughout her career, Christina brings in her passion for entrepreneurship & experience working in product strategy, marketing, and management, to help her teams thrive. Christina is a Taipei native, graduated from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, and has worked across Beijing, Tokyo, London, Singapore, and San Francisco.

Brand & Strategy Manager
Tokyo Lead

Freya Smith

Freya is a multi-disciplinary creative with a background in digital marketing, graphic design and identity branding; her passion as a visual communicator lies in using design as a tool to help speak and educate in relation to culture and society, in order to help us understand and engage with the world better.

With multicultural, multilingual and multinational work experiences, a graduate of the University of St Andrews in Business Management, and an MA in Art Direction in London.

Senior Content Specialist

Willow Lo

Willow is an enthusiastic, detail-oriented team player with a strong knowledge of German culture. She is currently completing her masters in International Business Studies in Germany.

Since 2021, she has been building and managing our podcast show through implementing strategic and data-driven solutions and tools. Willow is also the co-host of our ‘Future Makers’ podcast segment, along with Freya, which discusses issues related to Generation Z. Besides all major streaming platforms, she also maintains the channels on the World’s 5-Star Airlines – Singapore Airlines and EVA Air.

Client Relationship Manager

Vivian Chen

Vivian is an open-minded and avid critical thinker who approaches problems both creatively and systematically: diagnosing root causes to develop progressive implementations while cultivating interpersonal trust and empowerment with the team.
In addition, her education in business management allows her to consider the wellbeing of both operation and human aspects of businesses.

Right now, Vivian enjoys curating innovative and meaningful projects as well as empowering others to lead with intention. She also has a border-collie rescue who visits the office weekly.

L&D Program Manager

Victoria Yang

Victoria is a result-oriented, motivated and passionate L&D Program Manager working to create evidence-based, scalable, and diverse learning solutions that adapt to client’s needs.

Specific interest in program performance and impact evaluations.

Victoria holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from National Taiwan University and a Master’s degree in Learning Analytics from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Events & Membership Specialist

Tanya Ma

Tanya is a high execution person with passion and experience in running a various range of professional event. She found her passion in event hosting during her college years at the guitar club.

In the business field, Tanya conducts in-depth research on enterprise-related knowledge, discovers market needs and provides activities that best meet social expectations.

Tanya now runs all our member events – from large summits of 200 online and offline audiences to intimate salon talks at the club of 30 people. Tanya’s attention to detail and warm personality makes her the best membership specialist.

Events & Marketing Specialist

Serina Huang

From cycling around Taiwan to mentoring in Philosophy Hackathons, Serina’s wide array of interests enables her to take fresh approaches in executing member events and building CRM, as well as brainstorming creative ideas.

With a degree in Tech & Comms and exchange experience in Italy, she believes that fostering professional growth with the support of a strong community is key to empowering leadership for women.

Wellness Director

Vicky Li

Vicky is passionate in helping women to enlighten their true selves and live the way women desire through mindfulness & yoga practices and live as who they really are with a meaningful purpose.

Vicky has successfully hosted over 20 yoga workshops over Taiwan since 2018 with more than 500 students.
Vicky was invited to Tokyo and New York for yoga workshops in 2019, and will continuously to empower more working women through her practices and knowledge sharing.

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