A Playbook in the time of Covid-19
學習交出人生的控制權 – 建立內心防禦力,提升與自己、與人的關係

疫情的來襲不僅僅是挑戰身體的免疫程度,更考驗了人類心靈的穩定程度。面對疫情後,將會越來越多變的世界,妳有為自己預備好「內心防禦力」了嗎?本周我們邀請 Aimm 創辦人 Tilane 以及 CAREhER Wellness 總監 Vicky,以她們長期在感情顧問、關係與身心靈專家的角度,與大家分享如何調適疫情後心理與關係的變化,學會「交出人生控制權」,用更穩定的心,面對生命的轉化。

A Playbook in the time of Covid-19
在「疫情後社會」管理妳的事業 – 新竹豐邑喜來登實際案例 & 國際獵頭的建議方針

本周我們邀請到新竹豐邑喜來登飯店執行長 - Cecily Liu 分享她如何在疫情衝擊之下,帶領首當其衝被影響的飯店業度過難關,甚至創造員工更多元化成長的機會。同時,我們也邀請國際獵頭、【2030轉職地圖】作者 Sandy Su ,列舉疫情後的新工作機會與產業趨勢,並告訴大家如何增進己身技能,以應付就業市場的新需求。

Ep.23 An intimate guide to starting and running your own business-
Kate from Perk by Kate

This week, we bring you our first podcast from Singapore. We speak to Kate, founder of Perk by Kate, a lingerie brand launched in 2014. Perk by Kate started as an online business (and yes, you will be able to purchase her beautiful designs for shipping to whereever you are), but in 2019 also established its studio in a beautiful shophouse space. The physical space allows for more intimate interactions with their customers and here they also hold popups with other brands. Kate shares with us her experience of starting her business from scratch, her views of what's important in running a business and what sets Perk by Kate apart.

Changing the Game and Creating a Culture of Inclusiveness

At CAREhER, we are ambitiously building a community to provide support and resources for the modern-day working woman. We aspire to accompany you on your journey in life - in gracefully managing the stresses of daily life at home or at work, in understanding yourself more deeply and in taking better care of you and your emotions.

A Necessary Network Effect

Female consumer brands are rising in popularity, so it’s only right for the number of female founders to follow suit. This much-welcomed trend will only pick up pace over the next few years, as the market size is estimated to be worth US$50 billion by 2025. In 2019, there was just over $100 million in venture capital funding for startups founded by women.