EP. 129 【EN】Achieving Potential: Women in the AI Era – Debra Bell, Vice President of DRAM Product Engineering Group, Micron Technology

Is AI a "boy's or a girl's" job? To Debra Bell, Vice President at Micron, AI is a "new" job -- so the undefined nature is precisely what makes it a great opportunity to lower the entry barrier and narrow the gender gap in STEM education and profession. In this episode, hear Debra's journey in the tech space as she grew, expanded her roles and leadership; her warmth and sincerity is surely infectious that won the hearts of our audience from the IWD Summit and equally today.

EP. 128 【EN】The energy transition: talent and dialogue power the future – Patrick Kong Chief Financial Officer, Asia GE Vernova – Gas Power

Facing the energy crisis, governments and organizations worldwide are investing not only in technology but also in talent. After all, sustainable energy transitions require actual people, who are properly skilled, to drive progress forward. As Asia’s Chief Financial Officer of GE Vernova - Gas Power, Patrick uses his 20 years of energy industry experience to help us decode -- in plainspoken words, which we super appreciate -- the challenges and opportunities on prioritizing resources in today's rapidly evolving energy landscape.

EP. 127 選擇未來,從認識桌上的那條魚開始說起-洄遊吧 Fish Bar 創辦人黃紋綺 Gigi

「你知道你吃的魚來自哪裡嗎?」 Gigi 的故事就從這個簡單卻深刻的問題開始,但其實這也是食魚教育和海洋永續最直接的開始:認識餐桌上的那條魚、還有,那條魚是不是用一個對環境友善的方式捕獲而來。Gigi 是一位將對海洋的熱愛,轉化為實際行動的創業者;從顛覆傳統漁業模式,到獲得渣打女力創業獎肯定,洄遊吧 Fish Bar 不僅正開創一條連結人們與海洋的全新路徑,更讓大眾重新認識台灣豐富的海洋資源。這是一個關於勇氣、創新,以及如何在日常生活中做出支持環境永續的故事。而妳,也可以透過每一口食物的選擇來支持永續,讓海洋資源得到更好的保護與珍惜!

EP. 126 影響力投資:社會回饋與投資收益間的平衡 — Karen Tang, Serial Startup Builder and Venture Partner at Dreamhub

如果投資是一個光譜,一端是我們熟知的投資賺錢,另一端是以慈善行為為捐贈的投資,我們能否從中找到平衡?曾帶領兩個公司至 Nasdaq 上市的 Karen 如今投入在影響力投資的創投領域,運用她豐富的產業經驗,幫助更多新創團隊不僅實現營運和盈利目標,更對社會和地球做出正面貢獻。今天她將分享她對影響力投資的定義,也教我們怎麼從自身出發,透過有意識地消費和投資,實踐「你所花費的每一筆錢,都在為你想要的未來投票」理念。

EP. 125【EN】Navigating Career Pivots with Financial Confidence – Noriko Shindo, COO at HUE

What would you do if you faced an important career pivot but there’s so much fear of the unknown that prevents you from making that leap? For Noriko Shindo, now COO of her own startup, it was taking her fear and breaking it down to pieces with what she knew the best: a spreadsheet. Sounds counterintuitive? Listen to Nori’s journey when she realized juggling between parenthood and a demanding career actually helped her realize what she was yearning the most – entrepreneurship, and how she made it happen.

EP. 124 職場當然不能光說不練,但培養影響力,你除了會做還得會說 — 戴爾科技集團消費型電腦研發 副總裁 吳萱萱

踏入科技業已經 25 年的 Sharon 聊起她的產業經驗,給我們留下最強烈的印象是又實際、又有前瞻感的領導力。這兩個看似衝突的特質卻在 Sharon 身上巧妙融合;從她談起運用新知來增加工作效率,到她說資源雖然有限,但能在有限的環境中,幫助團隊以及合作夥伴達成他們想要的,就不難理解,她在豐富的職涯中,是如何有意識地不斷提升自己,也順勢拓展影響力。這一集,來聽聽 Sharon 聊她的影響力心法,即使面對未來大環境的不確定性,仍然保持開放的心態,「不會,就學!」

EP. 123 食物療癒,自我、身體、環境的共好與平衡 —— 食農故事助產士柯沛如

因爲自身免疫問題開始嘗試食物療法的沛如,透過對食物的真實慾望和反應,找到了與身體對話、共好的平衡。2023 年 9 月推出新書《用愛發酵:和食物對話,從我到我們的療癒之路》,從美國到台灣,她看見在社會上對於「食物」相關的每個環節,都經常被諸多既得利益族群所掌控;但她卻也驚喜地發現,在這個過程中相對弱勢的族群,他們背後所辛苦耕耘、促進多元文化再生的美好故事。睽違兩年上節目,沛如將再次和我們分享她的新旅程,並花了 10 年,重新認識自己,以及自己和這個世界的關係。

EP. 122【EN】Celebrating Differences and Breaking Barriers – Mari Nishiyama, Startup Partner Lead @Stripe|Ecosystem builder

As the Startup Partner Lead at Stripe, Mari shares with us her inspiring journey of overcoming challenges, breaking barriers in Japan, and fostering personal growth. Passionate about fintech and building the startup ecosystem, Mari’s story is one on the power of self-reflection, learning from role models, and the importance of female-dominated communities.

EP. 118【EN】Embracing Authenticity and Let Your Natural Leadership Emerge from Within – Jae Yeon Choi, Managing Director of MSD Taiwan

Remember the quote from the movie Forrest Gump? “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” and that’s how Jae Yeon Choi, Managing Director of MSD Taiwan, felt her career has been like. From working in a rigid government agency where there weren’t many women as colleagues, to pursuing her MBA, to now working in a leading pharmaceutical company working to improve people’s lives – Jae Yeon shared how she found authenticity to be the key to leadership and teamwork. #Impact, #Legacy, and #GrowTogether are her three most important hashtags. What are yours? Listen more to this episode to find out how a women leader is found.

EP. 117【EN】Beyond Perfection: Nurturing Diversity and Talent in LVMH Japan – Aya Yamanouchi / LVMH Japan, People & Culture Senior Manager

Fascinated by the French culture that celebrates a woman’s strength and independence, Aya Yamanouchi pursued her French Literature study to Paris – little did she know, this journey opened the door to her multi-talented career across different parts of the fashion industry. In this episode, Aya-san, now serving as the Senior Manager for People & Culture at LVMH Japan, shared her insights on hiring and growing talent in luxury retail. But our conversation went beyond the surface, diving into strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in the Asia Pacific, where monocultural norms still often prevail.