EP. 117【EN】Beyond Perfection: Nurturing Diversity and Talent in LVMH Japan – Aya Yamanouchi / LVMH Japan, People & Culture Senior Manager

Fascinated by the French culture that celebrates a woman’s strength and independence, Aya Yamanouchi pursued her French Literature study to Paris – little did she know, this journey opened the door to her multi-talented career across different parts of the fashion industry. In this episode, Aya-san, now serving as the Senior Manager for People & Culture at LVMH Japan, shared her insights on hiring and growing talent in luxury retail. But our conversation went beyond the surface, diving into strategies to promote diversity and inclusion in the Asia Pacific, where monocultural norms still often prevail.


Aya Yamanouchi / LVMH Japan, People & Culture Senior Manager

After graduating from university, she worked at a women’s ready-to-wear brand run by her father and learned about retail business. She then decided to go to France to study French Literature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, obtained a DUEF, and also obtained a diploma of Professional Makeup Artist at Christian Chauveau Paris. After returning to Japan, she worked as a freelance trainer and coach for various fashion companies. She then joined Kering group as Retail Training Manager at GUCCI, subsequently joined LVMH Japan in 2018. After working as a retail training manager for Christian Dior Couture, currently working at LVMH Japan as People & Culture Senior Manager to develop more than 9,000 talents and foster LVMH culture.


Combining her passion for fashion and education, Aya-san found a career in developing and supporting talent with the LVMH Group. As she discussed the challenges and opportunities of managing people and the diverse culture within LVMH, she highlighted how the LVMH group has traditionally had a decentralized culture, where you don’t tell the houses what to do. Instead, you have to exercise influence – which paved the foundation for its respect for diversity and celebrating inclusion.

From the very beginning

Caught in the culture clash between Japan and France, Aya-san shared how Japan’s tradition, which places a strong emphasis on perfectionism, can lead to the fear of making mistakes for Japanese talents. While this quality enables the creation of high-quality products, it can also hinder their agility for adapting in a rapidly changing world. She also pointed out how diversity is not solely about physical appearance, but also the individual’s thought process. In Japan and Taiwan, where ethnic diversity is not as prevalent, it becomes crucial to go beyond surface-level diversity and understand there are underlying factors unique to each individual that become essential in fostering an inclusive environment.

Diversity is counting the numbers, inclusion is making the numbers count,

Aya-san shared this quote from Professor Boris Groysberg at Harvard University. Through deliberate choice, inclusion can be achieved – something that echoes LVMH’s own belief,

diverse by essence, inclusion by choice.

What’s Next?

Lastly, Aya-san discussed the emerging trends and initiatives at LVMH aimed at promoting sustainability. One of these initiatives is the adoption of green technology in the luxury industry, known as New Luxury, which focuses on making a positive impact on the world. A specific example is the introduction of Nona Source, an online resale platform that allows the purchase of high-end re-sourced materials used by LVMH at a reduced cost.


【 在這集聽她說 】

  1. How did Aya-san started her career at LVMH
  2. Managing and celebrating diversity came from LVMH’s tradition as a decentralized organization
  3. Challenges of balancing diverse work culture in Japan
  4. Goals and initiatives: women in key positions
  5. Three elements in attracting and retaining top talents: mobility, opportunity, purpose
  6. Sustainability trends in luxury goods


【 延伸閱讀 】


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