HongKong Chapter- A new identity for the cross-boarder talents

Hong Kong, we are coming on October 15th! Please join us in Wan Chai to build meaningful connections over local and seasonal ingredients that utilize the best parts of traditional French technique and contemporary innovation, courtesy of Chef Tiffany Lo. Together with 20 invite-only CAREhER community members, we will create a memorable culinary experience.

May. Salon Talk Highlight:跨世代管理:捏大腿的功力 X 太古可口可樂 Vivian Chien

【Salon Talk】「一個好的領導者會讓下屬嘗試失敗、而不是讓他成為一個失敗者。」5 月 10 日晚上的 Salon Talk,我們又一次的在 Vivian 的容錯領導學中,吸取了如何建立起多元、共融、具歸屬感的組織文化的養分。這次她用實例帶領大家檢視最常見的職場對話情境,協助每位身為企業領導人、主管、或是職員的妳,做好理解與信任的工程,並在組織內進行順暢且有效的向上 / 向下管理。

Singapore x May – Building Meaningful Support Networks

What a wonderful afternoon we spent with our ladies at Mandala Club (The Mandala Group) in Singapore! Lively chatter filled up the room instantly as we opened up with CAREhER’s signature icebreaker - the 3-hashtag introduction. We loved seeing the commonalities and diversity among our crowd, from #WomeninTech, #sustainability, and female-founded businesses to those working in foreign countries. We couldn’t have been more excited to welcome all the ladies who joined us from the various cities across APAC.

Apr. Salon Talk Highlights: 台北當代的收藏指引 x TAIPEI DANGDAI Co-Director Robin Peckham

【Salon Talk】面對藝術有著淵博的知識與無盡的著迷,台北當代聯合總監、《藝術界》前主編 Robin Peckham 帶著一口流利標準的中文,在 4 月 25 日晚上與我們相聚會所,侃侃而談著「藝術」。有別於藝術給人的飄渺,Robin 從藝術市場基本運作原則開始,用更「落地」的方式帶領我們認識藝術。最後更搶先預覽了 2023 台北當代博覽會精彩作品,一起回顧當天的精彩內容吧。

Apr. Salon Talk Highlights: 法國香氛工藝:歷史到手作調製精油 X 好魔創辦人 Joseph

【Salon Talk】4 月 15 日午後,CAREhER 會所舉辦了 Joseph 的調香工作坊,Joseph 深入淺出地依照他對香氛的熱情跟了解,帶領大家了解香味的歷史、味覺的神經機制、香氣提煉的物理化學方法,以及調香過程中需要理解的基本香調及香味結構。會員們根據 Joseph 精心設計的香譜,加上自己的創意,調製出香水及室內噴霧。

May. Salon Talk:跨世代管理:捏大腿的功力 x 太古可口可樂 Vivian Chien

【Salon Talk】去年 11 月,我們邀請 Vivian 來到 CAREhER Leading Ladies 的 Podcast 單元,當時 Vivian 提及的「主管必須學會的捏大腿的功力」,獲得會員間的熱烈討論,有人更敲碗希望可以開一場沙龍對談。於是,我們再次重磅邀請台灣太古可口可樂公共事務、傳訊及可持續發展總監——Vivian Chien,要深入跨世代管理,分享如何以更多元共融的眼光去理解與自己相異的想法,建立容錯的領導學,並發展一套適合自己及團隊的管理方式。

2023 CAREHER Flagship X International Women’s Day Summit Highlight

【 IWD Summit 】Empowering leadership for women is at the core of what we do, and we do this through community building and curating learning and networking experiences. Naturally, International Women’s Day always holds great significance for us. This year marks our 4th International Women’s Day Summit, which kicked off on March 4th, at the Taipei Performing Arts Center. Featuring a highly anticipated lineup of speakers from various countries and industries, the 3 panel discussions connected the theme of Together, A More Sustainable Future with some of the latest industry topics such as DE&I, AI, impact investing and energy security. 

Singapore Highlight- Women’s roles in sustainability

The conversations continued as we moved into our signature #networking session, topics around self love, travels, career, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and even discussions about Taiwan-Singapore potential collaborations were overheard - in a mixture of Singlish, English and Mandarin no less!

Apr. Salon Talk:台北當代的收藏指引 x TAIPEI DANGDAI Co-Director Robin Peckham

【Salon Talk】4 月的 Salon Talk 我們一起看懂當代藝術,並培養精準的收藏功力。去年 7 月我們邀請了白石藝廊的 Ally 帶領會員開啟「藝術投資」的大門,為大家帶來藝術收藏入門課,也因此 CAREhER 發現深具商業眼光的會員們對於當代藝術也興致盎然。 今年,我們請到台北當代聯合總監 Robin Peckham 與會員直接對話,他將以國際藝術博覽會品牌的角度分析當代藝術收藏趨勢,更親自預先導覽第四屆台北當代藝術展必看作品及畫廊,引領各位一起踏入國際藝術殿堂。令人期待的是,參與本次活動的會員,都將受邀參與第四屆台北當代藝術展開幕夜,屆時全亞洲藝術重量級人士齊聚一堂,台北當代會將全球各地最優秀的當代藝術帶給台灣的藝術愛好者及收藏家,這麼特別的時刻,你準備好了嗎?