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EP5. 妳是哪個社交俱樂部?剖析歐美最熱門 Social Club

妳知道什麼是現代的社交俱樂部嗎?CAREhER 希望為女性領導者建立 modern social club,讓她們能連結彼此並且一同成長,本期《世界週報》讓我們一起來看看其他國家有什麼樣有趣的社交俱樂部呢? 他們又有哪一些經營社群成功的元素呢?

CAREhER’s mission is to build a modern social club for women leaders to connect and grow – empowering female leaders at the workplace and beyond. Let’s focus on the DNA of CAREhER for this article- what does it mean to be a modern social club?

A social club is a broad term describing an organization of members that have a shared interest. These clubs allow people interested in an activity to gather and interact with one another. As spaces for political conversation, sports, leisure, and networking, formal social clubs date back to the 1800s.

What are, today, the most inspiring social clubs in other countries? What are their success factors, and what can we learn from them?

CAREhER 的使命是為女性的領導者建立現代社交俱樂部,讓她們能連結彼此並且一同成長,一起積累她們在職場與其他領域的能力。在本文中,讓我們來看看 CAREhER 的核心-現代社交俱樂部的意義是什麼?

其實社交俱樂部是一個廣義的詞,用來描述一群有共同興趣與利益的組織成員,透過俱樂部,對於同個活動有興趣的人們能聚在一起、互相交流。 而其歷史可以追溯到1800年代,正式的社交俱樂部還有政治對話、運動、休閒和社交的場所的性質。

而當今在其他國家有什麼樣有趣的社交俱樂部呢? 他們又有哪一些成功的因素值得我們學習呢?


Amid social media burnout, the need for in-person connection and self-growth spaces is indisputable.

In a recent documentary launched on Netflix, tech experts warned us about the dangerous human impact of heavy social media consumption. Jaron Lanier, an American computer philosophy writer, encourages us to reboot our use of social media and above all, to go out, look at nature and meet new people… This may sound a bit cliche, but the need for in-person and meaningful interactions is real, and this explains the recent rebirth of social clubs in major cities in the world.

  • “The night [at The Wing] really reminded me how much happier I am when I make time for and surround myself with smart, strong women!” Whether it’s women, artists, culinary connoisseurs, or a smorgasbord type of community, the value of any club lies in being together, offline.
  • Getting out from behind a screen and into a room—be it pink, papered, or paneled in wood—filled with living, breathing people should be a goal for us all. Because for now, at least, talking still beats typing, and a genuine laugh feels better than a “like.” Internet connectivity is an amazing thing, but so is silencing your phone for a night of old-fashioned conversation with your club.  (

在 Netflix 上最近發行的紀錄片中,科技專家對人類大量使用社群媒體提出警告,其有可能對人類造成影響;而美國電腦哲學作家 Jaron Lanier 鼓勵人們在使用社群媒體外,更重要的是出去走走、接觸大自然並認識新朋友……這聽起來可能有些陳腔濫調,但是面對面的、有意義的互動的確是現代生活的真實需求,而這也解釋了近期世界主要城市的社交俱樂部復興風潮。

  • 「在 The Wing 的夜晚讓我感覺到,當我抽出時間和周遭聰明而堅強的女生在一起時,我有多開心!」無論是女性、藝術家、美食鑑賞家,還是其他各式的社群,俱樂部的價值都在於我們能真實地聚在一起。
  • 從螢幕後走出來,走進一個充滿生活氣息與生命力的房間,無論是粉紅色、紙製還是鑲板的房間,都是我們想做的事。因為至少就目前而言,說話仍勝過打字,真正的笑聲也比「按讚」來得好。網路是一件很了不起的事情,但讓你的手機靜音一晚,與俱樂部一起來場老式的交流對話也是一件很了不起的事。 (

Do you know The Conduit?
你聽過 The Conduit 嗎?

The Conduit is a London member’s club focusing on environmental change, created in 2018 by Paul Van Zyl. The club’’s mission is to gather people who are committed to creating positive change by helping them make meaningful connections. They currently have 3,500 members.

  • “His [Paul Van Zyl] idea for the club came after he sensed a yearning for stability and connection among a growing jet-setting global elite, of which he counts himself a member, interested in social “I met exceptional people gathered with a sense of purpose, who had a tremendous feeling of regret when the meetings ended, and they dissipated to the four corners of the Earth,” he says. “We all felt the need for a permanent home.”(
  • The Conduit’s commitment to the environment and doing things for the ‘greater good’ is not just a surface-level boast to seduce potential members. No less than 170,000lbs of recycled materials have been used to form the club’s interiors, while energy-saving and biophilic design schemes are in place to help reduce the space’s carbon footprint. (

The Conduit 是一個關注於環境變化的俱樂部,於2018年由 Paul Van Zyl 在倫敦所創立,目前共有3,500名會員。他們的使命是藉由創造有意義的連結以號召願意創造正向改變的人們。

  • 「俱樂部的構想是來自他身為國際菁英的一員,他感受到這個社群對於穩定和連結的渴望,對於社交感興趣。『我遇到了一群很棒的人,他們都很有目標感,但在每次會議後卻感到非常失落,他們又將分散到了地球的各個角落。』他說:『我們都感覺需要一個永久的家。』」(
  • The Conduit 承諾為環境與「社會利益( greater good )」有所貢獻,不只是吸引潛在有共同興趣的成員,俱樂部內部更已使用了至少170,000磅的再生材料,同時採用了節能和親生物設計,以幫助減少場地的碳足跡。 (

Founders of The Conduit: Paul van Zyl and Rowan Finnegan

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

GemX is a private jewelry social club, founded in 2017 by two friends, Heidi Garnett and Lin Jamison. This club has managed the digital switch imposed by COVID-19.

  • “The coronavirus pandemic forced the group to pause in-person gatherings, but instead of going into hibernation, Gem X was reborn online in late March with a series of Zoom-based jewelry talks, called Gemflix, that are free and open to everyone.”
  • The virtual gatherings, much like the club’s live events, are rooted in the notion that “jewelry is the perfect vehicle for storytelling,” Ms. Jamison said. ( 

GemX 是一家私人珠寶社交俱樂部,由兩個朋友 Heidi Garnett 和 Lin Jamison 於2017年成立,因為 COVID-19 該俱樂部已經開始進行了數位轉型。

  • 「新冠病毒大流行迫使該組織暫停實體的聚會,但 GemX 的腳步沒有因此停歇,3月下旬他們在網路上重新開始了一系列免費且開放給所有人的線上珠寶講座,稱為 Gemflix 。 」
  • Ms. Jamison 說:「線上聚會就像俱樂部的現場活動一樣,都是根基於一個觀念『珠寶是用來說故事的完美載體』。」 (

At Gem X event last year, members could try on pieces from Bulgari’s Heritage Collection.

Maison, at the intersection of work and wellness.

Maison is a members-only women’s club, created in 2019 and specifically designed for mothers. It features a kitchen, workspaces, and a library so that whenever you go to Maison, you feel like being at your best friend’s home. The philosophy behind Maison is to provide mothers with a neutral space when they are not a wife/mother/caregiver but can prioritize themselves and focus on personal pursuits and recharge.

  • Style blogger Ashley Wu couldn’t find a coworking space on the Upper East Side that suited chic moms. So she created one—complete with on-demand facialists, child-psychology lectures, and access to a personal toy shopper.
  • The space is “agenda-less,” she told me. It’s a space that can be whatever you want it to be. You can work, you can relax, you can fall asleep, you can catch up with other women over coffee, or you can take fifteen minutes for yourself after work before heading home. (Business Insider)
  • Moms were really left out of the co-working conversation, if not by proximity of a space to go, then by the narrative of community, that is the life-blood of any club, that understood who they were and what their lives really look like. (

成立於2019年, Maison 是一家專為媽媽設計的會員制女性俱樂部。它設有廚房、工作區和圖書館,所以每當您到 Maison 時,都會覺得就像在好朋友的家中一樣。 Maison 的理念是提供一個中立的空間,讓媽媽可以不是妻子/母親/照顧者,但她們可以優先考慮自己,並專注於個人想追求的事物和為自己充電。

  • 時尚部落客 Ashley Wu 在上東區 (Upper East Side) 找不到適合時髦媽媽的共享辦公空間。 因此,她創建了一個這樣的空間,有美容師、兒童心理學講座,還能幫忙接洽玩具私人買手。
  • 她的空間是「沒有排程的」。 這個空間可以是任何你想要的空間,您可以工作、放鬆、小睡,也可以和其他女生喝喝咖啡,或者可以是下班後待個15分鐘再回家的地方。 (Business Insider)
  • 媽媽族群是共創工作空間這個話題忽略的族群。原因是共創工作空間最主要的兩個元素:「空間的距離可行性」和「空間的聚集訴求」- 是俱樂部的核心,那些會員了解自己是誰以及生活會是什麼樣子。

Maison (resource:

After looking at this short selection of social clubs, it appears that there is no one single secret recipe for a successful social club: digital, in-person, free, membership-only … the key is the ability of the club to create a strong and authentic sense of belonging by providing a safe space for connecting, sharing and learning. I also really value the idea of the social club being the place where you “recharge” yourself and grow. In our daily life, our energy level is “consumed” by our tasks, work, our family, and very little place is left to prioritize the “me” time and get support from like-minded people.
So while formal social clubs date back to the 1800s, the idea of new authentic social clubs that allow its members to recharge is more modern than ever!

在看了這幾個社交俱樂部例子後,成功的社交俱樂部並沒有單一的秘訣:數位化、實體聚會、免費、會員制……關鍵的是俱樂部藉由提供一個能使人連結、分享、學習的空間,創造出強大且真正的歸屬感。我認為社交俱樂部可貴之處是提供人們充電並成長的地方,在我們的日常生活中,我們的精力被各式任務、工作、家庭所消耗,只剩下很少的空間能優先安排獨處時間 (Me Time),並得到志同道合的人的支持。


了解更多:新世代的 SOCIAL CLUB—從建立質感社交圈開始


想聽 Christina 和 Karine 暢談她們是如何在不斷改變的產業和潮流中,保持彈性並提升自己嗎?正在職場及事業這條路上奮鬥的妳,我們邀請妳在一個輕鬆的假日午後參加我們的 Salon Talk,與兩位講者一起探討,怎麼運用成長型的思維方式,在工作上溝通,保持好奇心,完成專案,甚至是解決企業擴展的難題。