Ep.23 An intimate guide to starting and running your own business-
Kate from Perk by Kate

This week, we bring you our first podcast from Singapore. We speak to Kate, founder of Perk by Kate, a lingerie brand launched in 2014. Perk by Kate started as an online business (and yes, you will be able to purchase her beautiful designs for shipping to whereever you are), but in 2019 also established its studio in a beautiful shophouse space. The physical space allows for more intimate interactions with their customers and here they also hold popups with other brands. Kate shares with us her experience of starting her business from scratch, her views of what’s important in running a business and what sets Perk by Kate apart.


Kate Low


Kate Low 於 2012年2月創立Perk by Kate



Kate 以多品牌代理商的身份創立了【Perk by Kate】,引進受歡迎的內衣品牌如 Eberjey、Lonely Lingerie 和 For Love& Lemons 。 2014年,她涉足內衣設計領域,並推出了自己的第一個內部品牌【Perk by Kate】。

好的自我感覺始於美麗而舒適的內在衣著- 細節是一切的關鍵。它的縝密思考、對細節的關注,都體現在創作與選品上。

從完美的剪裁、良好的支撐力和優質的布料,【Perk by Kate】精湛的工藝可讓您一次又一次地穿上她們的內衣為傲。



Founded in February 2012 by Kate Low, Perk by Kate was borne of a need to bring real lingerie, to real women. Being a petite lady herself, Kate noticed a distinct lack of comfortable lingerie in the market for small ladies – pieces that flatter real bodies without sacrificing comfort and confidence.  

She then started Perk by Kate as a multi-label retailer which introduced cult lingerie brands like Eberjey, Lonely Lingerie and For Love &Lemons to great reception. In 2014, she branched into lingerie design and launched her debut in-house brand, the Perk by Kate label. 

Perk by Kate believes that feeling good starts with beautiful and comfortable inner wear – and the key is in the details. Its signature intimates are characterised by the thought and attention to detail put into creating, or choosing them. From the perfect cut, to good support and quality fabric, Perk by Kate takes pride in its artistry by bringing exceptionally well-crafted lingerie that you can wear over and over again.


  • 2:04 – 品牌簡介
  • 3:14 – Kate 創造了無鋼圈胸衣品牌 Perk,這種風格改變了女性觀看和穿著內衣的方式
  • 3:52 –  2020年,【Perk by Kate】 設定了「親密關係目標」,這意味著保持與客戶的真誠的聯繫。
  • 7:28 – 成為小企業主的好處
  • 9:45 – 經營小企業的建議
  • 11:58 –  關於成為母親的想法
  • 13:33 – 家庭與工作的時間
  • 15:36 – 在購買內衣時對現代女性的觀察
  • 17:40 – Kate所提供與眾不同的服務


  • 2:04 – Intro to the brand
  • 3:14 – Creation of the Perk by Kate signature, iconic padded bralette, the style that has changed the way women view and wear lingerie
  • 3: 52 – Goals for 2020, but Perk by Kate terms this intimacy goals, or defined as maintaining a genuine connection with the customer
  • 7:28 – Perks of being a small business owner
  • 9:45 – Advice to give someone starting/ running a small business
  • 11:58 – Thoughts about becoming a new mother
  • 13:33 – Balancing baby and work
  • 15:36 – Observation of modern day women in terms of lingerie purchase, style selection
  • 17: 40 – What Perk by Kate does differently, uniquely for customers

Fun Fact

1. Kate 所創立的品牌 Perk 於2014年推出,她的無鋼圈胸衣同時兼具功能和實用性。這樣鮮明的風格讓它成為暢銷產品。

Perk by Kate was launched in 2014, and the iconic style of Perk by Kate – the padded bralette, which is a good mix of form and function, practicality became a bestseller. 


2. 比起設定業務或財務上的目標,【Perk by Kate】 設定了「親密關係目標」,這意味著保持與客戶的真誠的聯繫。

Perk 的命名原由是發想自一個「振作」(“perking” up)一個人的想法,所以他們從不想成為一個冷酷的公司。

3. Rather than set business or financial goals, Perk by Kate sets “intimacy goals” which means to maintain a genuine connection with customers. Perk by Kate was named with the ideal of ‘perking’ up someone’s day, so they never want to become a cold faceless company.


4. 本年度最重要想傳遞的信息是關於「愛自己」

無論是作為母親,妻子,女兒還是負責任的員工,女人總是做很多事情,但多數人都沒有花足夠的時間在自己身上。【Perk by Kate】在顧客購物的時候感受到了這種情感。而他們的目標就是讓顧客感到自己很棒,因為女性本應該如此。

The overarching business message for the year is about self love. Women do a lot whether as a mother, wife, daughter or responsible employee, and many do not spend enough time on themselves. At Perk by Kate, they see this sentiment in customers when they shop with in the studio, and the goal is to make customers feel good, because women should.

5. 計劃舉辦主題活動,使女性可以一起聚會,讓她們花時間在自己身上並照顧自己。 【Perk by Kate】堅信:唯有當你感到自己很棒的時候,才能全心全意地將愛與關懷投射到生活的其他層面。

Themed activities are planned to bring women together, let them spend time on themselves and help them take care of themselves. Perk by Kate believes that only when you feel good, that you can project love and care onto the other aspects of your life, wholeheartedly.

6.【Perk by Kate】期待在台灣有限定時間店,希望在2020年下半年的某個時候出現。

Perk by Kate looks forward to popping up in Taiwan, hopefully sometime in the second half of 2020.

7. 經營自己企業的好處是擁有獨立性和控制權,你可以非常迅速地做出決策,這是在其他企業無法體驗的。(有辦公室政治、預算審核、對高層管理職在決策過程中所造成的摩擦)你會在創意端或是各方面都擁有完全的控制權,這非常自由。因為每次的成功與否都取決於一種執行情況,就算有錯誤,你也會迅速學習並繼續前進。

The perks of running your own business is having independence and control. You can make decisions very quickly, a luxury which you will not experience in the corporate world (where office politics, budgets to adhere to, answering to upper management all create friction in decision making processes). You have full control – creatively and in any aspect, which is very liberating, because every success or failure is 100% dependent on how well one executes. But also, with mistakes, you learn quickly and move on.

8. 開始小型企業的建議:努力工作,精打細算,從小規模開始。 有一個計劃是好事,但要一步一腳印地去做事,因為它可以讓您評估各種選擇,並降低做出錯誤決策的風險。

Advice for starting a small business – work hard, work smart, start small, you get somewhere eventually.  It is good to have a plan, but always take baby steps, because it allows you to evaluate options and it lowers your risks of making a wrong move. 

9. Kate喜歡將經營業務比作打麻將-有運氣和時機,但幸運與否是你透過自己所下的決定所造就的。


10. Kate likens running a business to a game of mahjong – there is luck & timing, but you create your own luck or lack thereof through the decisions that you make.  You can maximise chances and get lucky by making conscious & calculated decisions, by evaluating what can go wrong, knowing your odds and preparing for the worst, all the time knowing that you are working towards a higher goal and purpose.

始終保持靈活性並做好改變的準備,以開放的心態聆聽。 對知識渴求,閱讀有關自己行業的大量資訊並了解其他行業的訊息。

Always be flexible and prepared to make changes, and listen with an open heart. Have a thirst for knowledge – read a lot about your own industry, learn more about other industries. 

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