CAREhER x Dell Technologies – “Creating Belonging in the Workplace: Establishing Psychological Safety and Environment of Trust” Highlight [ENG.]

As the workplace culture evolves, conversations about DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) becomes crucial for organizations and leadership. Let us explore together with DELL Technologie’s Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, Pride ERG core team member, Janice Lu and Pinkoi’s Co-Founder Peter Yan the essence of Belonging and discover strategies and actions we can take to encourage trust and safety and promote a diverse workplace.

In a step towards creating belonging and trust in the workplace, we held the first of DELL Technologies x CAREhER Curated events at our vibrant club space on August 11th.

During our intimate Salon Talk, we delved into topics of creating belonging in the workplace alongside our speakers Janice Lu, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition, Pride ERG core team member, from DELL Technologies and Peter Yan, Co-Founder of Pinkoi. 

We kicked off the conversation with a round of introductions from our audience, where antidotes and personal experiences were shared on why they believe belonging and trust is important in today’s work culture. Followed by Janice and Peter’s sharing of their experiences as leaders in their respective teams. 

Drawing from her 10 years of experience with DELL, a cross-cultural multinational organization, Janice emphasized the role trust plays in effective team leadership. With the powerful message “Dell Technologies is a place where it is okay to be different,” embracing diversity within team members. Which has gained even more significance in recent times due to the adoption of remote work. 

Peter on the other hand shared with us how he is able to build a diverse work culture through consistent and open communication with employees. By engaging in non-work-related conversations and delving into their passions outside of their roles, he gains a deeper understanding of their motivations which helps him as a leader to develop their talents effectively.

The night concluded with a lively networking session, which participants engaged in both professional and personal conversations, while continuing their discussions with our speakers. 

Key takeaways:

  • Value of being heard – Active listening and a chance to give voice fosters a sense of value and belonging among team members
  • Embracing mistakes – Adopting a mindset that isn’t afraid of failures. Instead treat mistakes as a lesson and give constructive feedback.
  •  Respect differences – Creating belonging in work culture goes beyond just words; it’s reflected in actions and behavior as well.

A big thank you to our participants, new friends, and DELL’s team for joining us to bring such an important topic to light.

More About CAREhER Curated

Club CAREhER 是亞太區會員制的高階女性平台,目前有六百多位會員分佈臺灣、新加坡和東京。藉由我們精心設計的各種學習互動,近距離認識講者以及其它優秀的商業女性,一同分享更多心得、彼此成長,更有可能未來共同合作的人脈。 除了會所的活動外,我們也協助夥伴做倡議型策展- 邀請各領域的商業領袖,透過討論 DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) 多元、平等、共融或是 Sustainability 永續相關的議題,激發討論和實行。