2024 Summer Summit:
Her Resilience – Grit & Glow [English]

【Summer Summit】 Summer is here! This year, CAREhER invites you to join us once again for a two-day, one night summer getaway as we head to the southern port city of Kaohsiung. Our event will feature insightful panel discussions with experts on how women can build resilience and maintain mental health while advancing their careers. Followed by our “Swap, Sell & Sip” workshop, where we invite you to bring your selected clothing items and participate in this engaging session. As always, a CAREhER event wouldn’t be complete without our signature networking dinner. Join us by the waterfront at Yonshin Fudopia in Kaohsiung, where you can share the day’s insights with women from around the world. The next morning, embark on an exclusive Kaohsiung cultural cruise for a limited-seat Yacht with a Mentor session. We look forward to seeing you in Kaohsiung!

Every summer, CAREhER hosts a summit designed to recharge our minds, bodies, and spirits. Since last year, we have held our Summer Summit in the charming southern city of Kaohsiung. This year, our summit, titled “Her Resilience – Grit & Glow,” will take place at Yawan Startup Terrace. We are bringing together a hundred like-minded women from Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and around the world for a fully curated weekend getaway.

Why ‘Her Resilience’?

In our busy lives, resilience is not just a necessity but a superpower for female leaders. We often face the pressure of significant responsibilities and challenges, women also face the impossible standard and culture of being perfect, caring and so much more. When setbacks occur, when we are subjected to these expectations, we must have the ability check-in our mental health, to rise again and embrace these obstacles. Resilience allows us to navigate the workplace, balance multiple roles, and keep moving forward in today’s fast-paced society.

This year, CAREhER has designed four distinct segments focused on equipping ourselves with sustainable approaches to assess and manage our mental health. From expert conversations and community-curated workshops to our vibrant networking dinner and “Yacht with a Mentor” session, we aim to help you elevate your superpower. Join us and let’s enhance our resilience together!


  • Courageous Conversations– A panel of 4 incredible leaders discussing resilience and mental health.
  • Curate– “Swap,Sell and Sip” workshop where 100 women bring items to exchange, resell clothes, and enjoy Taiwanese tea.
  • ConnectNetworking dinner for 100 people by the harbor.
  • Cruise– A 60-minute boat ride to connect with mentors in the next morning.

Event Information and Agenda


  • Day 1
    • 13:00-13:40 Check-in 
    • 13:40-14:50 Conversations- Panel——Building Resilience: How Women Leaders Shine Through Wellness
    • 15:10-16:20   Curated- Workshop & Mini Panel- Swap,Sell & Sip《Branding for Impact》
    • 18:00-20:30 Connect– Networking Dinner by the harbor
  • Day 2
    • 10:30-12:00 Cruise-Coffee with a Mentor while we yacht around  *Limited spots available

Event Dates:2024/08/24— 08/25(Sat.-Sun.) 

Event Location:Yawan Startup Terrace|3F,  No. 25, Chenggong 2nd Rd, Cianjhen District, Kaohsiung 

Courageous Conversations

Panel—— Building Resilience: How Women Leaders Shine Through Wellness

True radiance stems from achieving wellness and mental health, even in challenging times.

An insightful fire-side panel to discuss resilience, mental health, and their profound influence on personal well-being, career growth, and the ability to navigate corporate challenges successfully.

How does organizations, leaders and team work together to identify mental stress and remove it, while supporting each other to thrive through managing stress. We have three thought leaders to share from professional medical aspects, so as personal learning and organization support.

Speakers / Moderator

Speaker – Patricia MacLeodSenior Director, Corporate Communications & Industry Partnerships, ASE

Patricia MacLeod currently serves as Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Industry Partnerships at Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE), based in Sunnyvale, California. Driven and passionate, Patricia’s role includes strategic marketing communications initiatives, global industry collaborations, media relations across North America and Europe, as well as digital marketing in alignment with the Company’s digital transformation strategy.

With the semiconductor ecosystem playing a pivotal role in everyday life, Patricia is using her voice to elevate the ASE value proposition and integrate creativity into ASE’s technology and branding campaigns. Patricia graduated from the University of Strathclyde Business School with a joint honors degree in Marketing and Business Administration.

Speaker – Doctor Tsai Meng-Hsiu Director, Division of Preventive Medicine, Chi Mei Medical Center

Dr. Tsai is the Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine and the Health Examination Center at Chi Mei Medical Center, and also serves as an attending physician in the Geriatric Medicine Division of the Department of Family Medicine.

Believing in the need for early intervention in health promotion and disease prevention, Dr. Tsai began advocating for lifestyle medicine. He is a founding member and the first secretary-general of the Taiwan Association of Lifestyle Medicine. He took the certification exam of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and became the first physician in Taiwan to obtain the International Board Certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Tsai currently also serves as an on-site physician for a tech company, providing professional services in workplace health promotion and employee health improvement.

Speaker -TBD

Moderator – Tiffany Chou | Co-Founder and CEO, CAREhER

An expert in community building, entrepreneurship, and branding. With extensive experience in DEI consulting and PR across Japanese and Singaporean, working with top corporates, Tiffany now spearheads the APAC expansion of CAREhER.


Swap,Sell & Sip

Sustainability Fashion lead by Community Members, while you Sip – Tea Tasting with S.C Lab

  • Fireside Chat —— Branding for Impact:
    Building a brand with great purpose and story. Three of these founders all have set their brand under the pillar of “creating good” for the world while using their brand to story tell concepts of sustainability, circular economy, tea to table, working with local producers and partnering with vendors that shares the same value.  How do they use branding to make an impact on things they care about?
  • Swap and Sell:
    It hits different when you each bring a pre-loved item to share and swap with the community- you get to know each other, to find new items and also save the earth a little bit.



Debbie Wu|Founder of MYMIKA

After spending two decades abroad, Debbie moved back to Taiwan in 2022 with a vision to celebrate independent designers. She founded MYMIKA to bring this vision to life, which soon evolved into a curated platform for quality pre-loved clothing from the community.

Growing up in a family of textile manufacturers and spending time with her seamstress grandmother, Debbie developed a deep appreciation for well-crafted garments. Though her career abroad was in finance, MYMIKA allows her to return to her roots and create a space where quality garments can have a second life.

Kate Low|Founder of Perk by Kate

Started in 2012 using her own capital, Kate personally manages all aspects of this business, from website management, to marketing and merchandising. Kate always believes in doing the right thing for her customers. If she treats them right, the business should take care of itself.

In 2015, Kate launched her own in house label, perk by kate, where a new lingerie style called the padded bralette takes centrestage.

Kate thrives on the strategic thinking behind driving the business as an integrated marketer, armed with good digital knowledge and a strong sense of business acumen, accountability and ethics.

Life outside of work consists of thinking of new business ideas, yoga classes and a constant desire to travel the world (to look for new ideas).


Moderator: Mikey Chen| Founder of Chajiu, S.C Lab

Born in Taiwan and moved to the United States at the age of 13, Mikey Chen has spent over 20 years in the States. Undergraduate at Pratt Institute, Product Design. Worked at a design agency in NYC with clients including MoMA, Pepsi, and Design Within Reach.And he graduated from School of Visual Arts (SVA), Master’s in Interaction Design (IXD)

– Founder: The UpStanding Desk (New York) – **Acquired**
– Founder: DaB Studio (San Francisco) – **Acquired**
– Lead Design Director: Classify – **Exit**
– Head of Design: BuildZoom – **Ongoing**

In 2019, Mikey returned to Taiwan to be closer to his family. He is now a small tea farmer, working with partners to share their unique Taiwanese tea beverages with the world.


Networking Dinner

Ending our first night in Kaohsiung at its newest landmark, Yonshin Fudopia, with an upbeat networking dinner featuring a breathtaking seaside view, bringing together 100 global female leaders.

Yonshin Fudopia

Our menu features a selection of fresh, seasonal seafood, creatively incorporating modern Taiwanese dishes and refined cooking techniques. Focusing on seafood and wine, we transform traditional seafood stir-fry into a brand-new dining experience. Join us to savor delicious food and fine wine while enjoying the harbor’s sea view, shimmering waves, and the sunset’s afterglow in a leisurely, relaxed coastal atmosphere.


Cruise with A Mentor

Day 2 Yacht Ride with a Mentor will be held on the cruise. Chat with experienced female leaders across different industries, enjoying the scenic view of Kaohsiung harbour with Luxury Japanese beer

Limited spots available, please register as soon as possible.

ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE——Japan’s first luxury beer

ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE’s recipe adheres to the spirit of minimalism, which means using the smallest number of ingredients of the highest quality available. Water is a key, and often overlooked ingredient in beer. We brew ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE in Shizuoka, Japan from the naturally purified waters of Mount Fuji. ROCOCO is known for its smooth, non-bitter taste and for its delicate texture. ROCOCO is also known for having a flavor profile similar to a fine white wine. ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE is never filtered or pasteurized. It is refrigerated from the time it is brewed until the time it is served. The result is its characteristic fresh taste. Within a year of launch, ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE has been served in over 100 Michelin restaurants in Japan.


  • Summer Summit Panel
  • Workshop
  • Networking dinner @ Yonshin Fudopia
  • CAREhER Glow Getter Essential Travel Kit*1(Value at $1280)
  • Ceramic Petal Cup*1
  • Summer Summit Panel
  • Workshop
  • Networking dinner @ Yonshin Fudopia
  • Ceramic Petal Cup*1
  • Summer Summit Panel
  • Workshop
  • Networking dinner @ Yonshin Fudopia
  • Ceramic Petal Cup*1
  • Summer Summit Panel
  • Workshop
  • Networking dinner @ Yonshin Fudopia
  • Ceramic Petal Cup*1
  • Summer Summit Panel*2
  • Workshop*2
  • Networking dinner @ Yonshin Fudopia*2
  • Ceramic Petal Cup*2
  • Summer Summit Panel
  • Workshop
  • Networking dinner @ Yonshin Fudopia
  • Ceramic Petal Cup*1
  • Summer Summit Panel
  • Workshop
  • Networking dinner @ Yonshin Fudopia
  • Ceramic Petal Cup*1