EP. 128 【EN】The energy transition: talent and dialogue power the future – Patrick Kong Chief Financial Officer, Asia GE Vernova – Gas Power

Facing the energy crisis, governments and organizations worldwide are investing not only in technology but also in talent. After all, sustainable energy transitions require actual people, who are properly skilled, to drive progress forward. As Asia’s Chief Financial Officer of GE Vernova – Gas Power, Patrick uses his 20 years of energy industry experience to help us decode — in plainspoken words, which we super appreciate — the challenges and opportunities on prioritizing resources in today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape.


Patrick Kong, Chief Financial Officer of GE Vernova – Gas Power, Asia Pacific

Patrick is the Asia CFO for GE Vernova’s Gas Power business. GE Vernova, a planned purpose-built energy company that is leading the energy transition by continuing to electrify the world while simultaneously working to decarbonize it, is present across 22 countries in Asia, one of the fastest growing regions in terms of energy demand.


Patrick began his career in banking before he joined GE 25 years ago, where he held different finance leadership roles across various GE businesses including GE Aerospace, GE Corporate and GE Power. It was in Power that he spent almost 2 decades across different segments including the Power Equipment and Power Services portfolio, the Controls and Sensors business, and the oil and gas sector. In 2011, Patrick was appointed as the Asia Pacific CFO for GE Power, a role which he served from 2011 to 2014.


Patrick then took on an external role in 2014 as the Group CFO for Keppel Infrastructure, a global infrastructure and EPC company based in Singapore, from 2014 to 2016. He then rejoined GE to lead the Business Intelligence unit for Asia and he subsequently assumed his current CFO Gas Power responsibility.


In our conversation, Patrick discussed the increasing demand for a new breed of talent and leadership in the energy sector. These talents are crucial for navigating the dynamic landscape and propelling the green energy transition forward. Aligning with the attributes discussed in a World Economic Forum article on the “new energy leader,” Patrick outlined key qualities, essential for the type of talent all organizations are looking for, including:

  • Conviction, passion, and the ability to drive change from an individual to an enterprise level
  • Diplomatic skills in bridging the gap between diverse voices and finding common solutions
  • Willingness and ability to embrace different ideas and perspectives is essential in the energy transition process

As for what to expect in the coming years, Patrick points out the potential for increased polarization surrounding the energy transition; it becomes increasing crucial to encourage inclusive dialogue to navigate these differences and converge on effective solutions. Disparities of agenda may arise in different countries and economies toward decarbonization, with advanced economies focusing on strategic planning and developing ones prioritizing affordability. Recognizing these differences and engaging in constructive discourse is key to advancing toward a sustainable energy future, together.


In this episode

  1. The ‘Energy Trilemma’ (Sustainable, Affordable, Reliable)
  2. GE: transition from a traditional manufacturer to sustainable energy leader
  3. The shift in energy landscape
  4. Optimizing and prioritizing resources
  5. Crucial characteristics for talent and leadership in the energy sector
  6. What to expect in the future

“This podcast was recorded on 3/4 (Mon.) prior to the spin-off of GE Vernova on 2 April 2024, as an independent energy company”.

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