EP. 130 為創造無法忘懷的回憶舉杯: 新加坡 #1的三星法餐 ODETTE 首席侍酒師 LESLEY LIU

睽違一段日子,在米其林三星餐廳 ODETTE 工作的 Lesley 已經從助理侍酒師晉升為首席侍酒師,還斬獲數個國際大獎!她娓娓訴說自己心境的轉變;儘管對「美酒」這個工作的熱情始終如一,她卻分享,現在的她更注重聆聽和觀察客人的需求,而不是強加艱深的專業輸出,反而對於為每一位客人提供難忘的體驗有更深的體悟。這種照顧人的心,成了她取得成功的秘訣,也更是她認為女性加入餐飲界的好契機。一起再度來聽她說故事,並且發現,原來,紅酒是絕佳打開話題並促進聯繫的好工具。

EP. 129 【EN】Achieving Potential: Women in the AI Era – Debra Bell, Vice President of DRAM Product Engineering Group, Micron Technology

Is AI a "boy's or a girl's" job? To Debra Bell, Vice President at Micron, AI is a "new" job -- so the undefined nature is precisely what makes it a great opportunity to lower the entry barrier and narrow the gender gap in STEM education and profession. In this episode, hear Debra's journey in the tech space as she grew, expanded her roles and leadership; her warmth and sincerity is surely infectious that won the hearts of our audience from the IWD Summit and equally today.

EP. 128 【EN】The energy transition: talent and dialogue power the future – Patrick Kong Chief Financial Officer, Asia GE Vernova – Gas Power

Facing the energy crisis, governments and organizations worldwide are investing not only in technology but also in talent. After all, sustainable energy transitions require actual people, who are properly skilled, to drive progress forward. As Asia’s Chief Financial Officer of GE Vernova - Gas Power, Patrick uses his 20 years of energy industry experience to help us decode -- in plainspoken words, which we super appreciate -- the challenges and opportunities on prioritizing resources in today's rapidly evolving energy landscape.

2024 國際婦女節論壇 講者介紹
2024 IWD Summit Speakers Profile

Welcome to CAREhER's 5th International Women's Day Summit, where we unite influential leaders from diverse industries for a day of insightful discussions and meaningful networking. Our lineup this year includes 14 remarkable speakers from various sectors in the APAC region, converging to explore Talent, Technology, and Thrive through impact investing. Our three insightful sessions aim to power change in women's leadership. With the active engagement of our vibrant community of 100 women leaders, both in-person and online, we're poised to ignite discussions that drive positive change. Let's celebrate a future where investing in women is at the forefront of progress!

2024 New Year Party x Tokyo: ELEVATE, EMPOWER & SHINE

2024年はグローバルにあなたの人脈を広げることに挑戦しませんか?-台湾最大の働く女性が集まるネットワーク CAREhER が初めて東京で開催する大規模な New Year Party にぜひ参加してください - 会社員や起業家、フリーランスなどグローバルな活躍を目指す様々な働く女性たちが自身のキャリアのさらなる可能性のために東京・丸の内に集まります-新しいアイデア、新しい人脈、メンターを探している方、ロールモデルの話を聞きたい方、この機会を活用してください"


炎夏尾聲,CAREhER 與來自台灣各地最核心的幾位會員、香港和新加坡的新朋友,及 ASE 成員一同齊聚於南台灣明媚的海港之都 —— 高雄。這次有別於以往,我們跳脫台北舒適圈,堅持跨越整個台灣,來到高雄金馬賓館當代美術館,與贊助夥伴 #日月光 盛大展開一年一度的 CAREhER 夏日高峰會。

EP. 118【EN】Embracing Authenticity and Let Your Natural Leadership Emerge from Within – Jae Yeon Choi, Managing Director of MSD Taiwan

Remember the quote from the movie Forrest Gump? “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” and that’s how Jae Yeon Choi, Managing Director of MSD Taiwan, felt her career has been like. From working in a rigid government agency where there weren’t many women as colleagues, to pursuing her MBA, to now working in a leading pharmaceutical company working to improve people’s lives – Jae Yeon shared how she found authenticity to be the key to leadership and teamwork. #Impact, #Legacy, and #GrowTogether are her three most important hashtags. What are yours? Listen more to this episode to find out how a women leader is found.

2023 CAREhER Flagship x International Women’s Day Summit – Speakers

CAREhER’s 4th International Women’s Day Summit convenes thought leaders from various industries for an engaging day of learning and networking. Profiling 14 compelling speakers making waves in the APAC, this year’s theme addresses the important role women play in driving action and conversations surrounding the topic of sustainability across 3 panels. Joined by our community of 200 women leaders, both online and offline, we look forward to igniting impactful conversations and change. Let’s work towards a more sustainable future, together!

October Salon Talk Highlights: Developing Tribal Leadership with Terence

【 Salon talk 】10 月 19 日,Terence 不疾不徐的侃侃的道出身為 Stanford 商學院教學團隊成員、KK Company 內容長、 MIT Sloan AMP 研究生的珍貴學習精華。他將三個身份背後的故事與成長集結成一晚的思維分享:在 MIT 自我改變最大的事情?如何有意識地建立自己的 Critical Thinking?以及影響 Terence 管理方針至深的《Tribal Leadership》為何?