Tokyo x January- Greetings & New Year’s Resolutions

Tokyo, here we come! On the 13th of January, we gathered professional and global talents based in Tokyo for a private and curated networking event. With an amazing turnout of 30 talents, we kick started our Tokyo chapter with connections, conversations, and laughter.

For the past three years, seeing our community flourish and create actual impact is one of the most fulfilling moments – and now it’s even more satisfying to bring this impact humbly, with love, further to cities we aspire to be in.

And that is Tokyo, one of the most beautiful cities that is a hub for so many international talents.

We humbly launched our first event in Tokyo on January 13th.  To our surprise, we were overwhelmed with the responses while we welcomed guests from various industries, with a mix of expats, entrepreneurs, global and local talents at our first Tokyo networking gathering.

With our round the room introductions, the beautiful space at Apéro France wine bar was quickly filled with laughter and bright energy. #Community is at the core of everything we do, and we couldn’t be happier to be building one in Tokyo.

People shared their 3 hashtags to get to know each other, ice-break with common grounds, shared values of sustainability, female empowerment, true inclusion and even love for shiba dogs. We had new born mothers and seasoned entrepreneurs, talents who came from tech backgrounds, new expats moving from Australia and Taipei to Tokyo, Japanese talents who works for Global Fashion houses and real estate companies.

During the event – new friendships are formed, connections are made, belongings are found.  Our next Tokyo meetup will be on the 5th of April and we look forward to building a beautiful chapter here in Tokyo!

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