Vicky Li 李元琪


Vicky Li 李元琪

#Wellness #Selflove #Mindfulness

I started my yoga journey much later at age 32, and realized that yoga is a very powerful way of improving self awareness.

With all these years of learning and sharing yoga knowledge, I witnessed that wellness, especially yoga can help people find and light up their inner fire through mindfulness & yoga practices and live as who they really are with a meaningful purpose in this planet.
My life mission is to empower women for lighting up their true selves and live the way they desire.To date, I have successfully hosted over 20 yoga workshops all over Taiwan in 2018 and was invited to Tokyo and New York for yoga workshops in 2019.

What cities can we find you in:

Taipei is my main base. But you can see me hosting wellness workshops in Taichung, Tokyo, and Singapore more!


What is your Edge?

Simplify complexity; communicate with easy and understandable language for difficult knowledge.


How do you prioritize time?

Time for meditation and quality sleep is always my first priority. Then, the following is reading, exercising, family and work.


Stress management tips?

Deep breathing always works. (and I will teach you how through my podcasts and workshops) I will also do yoga, meditation and playful exercises to release my stress.


What are you reading recently?

Aging and Mindfulness ; Breathing related; Qigong related books for living healthier life.

我對如何活得更好更健康,還有人體科學擁有無比的好奇,最近正在讀與氣功還有神經科學有關的書,例如:內經呼吸養生法、以頸為鑰、How emotions are made 等。

Connect with Vicky

Vicky is available for wellness workshops, speaking engagements, and clinic collaborations.

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