Singapore x May – Building Meaningful Support Networks

What a wonderful afternoon we spent with our ladies at Mandala Club (The Mandala Group) in Singapore! Lively chatter filled up the room instantly as we opened up with CAREhER’s signature icebreaker - the 3-hashtag introduction. We loved seeing the commonalities and diversity among our crowd, from #WomeninTech, #sustainability, and female-founded businesses to those working in foreign countries. We couldn’t have been more excited to welcome all the ladies who joined us from the various cities across APAC.

EP.41 解密內外向 MBA 的社交差異—
教育顧問 Rocket Admit 共同創辦人 Sabina & Eric

有些人選擇透過就讀 MBA 提升職涯,MBA 畢業後,這些人才紛紛投入不同領域、國家,卻因為疫情,意外地接連在臺灣落角。好客的 Sabina 和 Eric 夫婦,持續用不同方式串聯各校 MBA 華人校友,這次的 MBA Luncheon 有什麼特別的地方呢? 外向的 Sabina 與內向的 Eric 首次夫妻對談,帶妳破解迷思、了解更多 MBA 相關資訊。