Mentor Luncheon x Tokyo -Entrepreneurship 起業について考える

ご好評を頂いているCAREhERの東京チャプターイベント「Lunch with A Mentor」を6月23日に開催致します。 今回は、起業に興味がある方が楽しんで頂けるよう準備を進めています。活気あるコミュニティを育むことが、起業の成功に有益であるだけでなく、不可欠である理由についてお話するなど、起業において経験豊かなメンターたちが、専門知識と多様な視点を共有してくださる貴重な会になりそうです。

Mentor Luncheon X Tokyo -自分自身への投資

Our 8th event in Tokyo concluded successfully on 4/20 (Sat). We were delighted to welcome many participants, contributing to the growth of the CAREhER Japan community. With the theme of "Investing in Yourself," participants shared their aspirations for career and personal development during introductions. While discussions often revolved around advancing careers while juggling corporate roles or parenthood, we also heard from entrepreneurs exploring self-investment strategies. Insights shared were particularly inspiring for working Japanese women in their 30s and 40s. The event wasn't just limited to Japanese attendees; the global atmosphere was palpable, with participants from Taiwan, France, and other corners of the world.

Mentor Luncheon x Tokyo -自分自身への投資

女性にとって、金銭面や自己成長、人脈作り、キャリアの機会など、人生のさまざまな側面で自分自身に投資することはとても重要です。4月20日に東京で“lunch with a mentor”イベントを開催します。 イベントのテーマは「Investing in ourselves (自分自身への投資)」- 参加者の女性たちは、ゲストであるメンターから貴重なインサイトが得られ、これからの自己投資について考えることができる貴重な機会になります。

Mentor Luncheon-Navigating Transitions in Life

Are you recently facing transitions in life- let it be starting a new job, taking on a new work function, relocation, starting your own business or becoming a mother- major changes in life is scary sometimes, that'w why mentorship is so valuable to guide us through these moments. Join our February lunch in Tokyo with three incredible mentors.

EP. 118【EN】Embracing Authenticity and Let Your Natural Leadership Emerge from Within – Jae Yeon Choi, Managing Director of MSD Taiwan

Remember the quote from the movie Forrest Gump? “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get,” and that’s how Jae Yeon Choi, Managing Director of MSD Taiwan, felt her career has been like. From working in a rigid government agency where there weren’t many women as colleagues, to pursuing her MBA, to now working in a leading pharmaceutical company working to improve people’s lives – Jae Yeon shared how she found authenticity to be the key to leadership and teamwork. #Impact, #Legacy, and #GrowTogether are her three most important hashtags. What are yours? Listen more to this episode to find out how a women leader is found.

EP. 115 成長型思維? 解鎖影響力的關鍵 — Microsoft Asia’s Regional Go-to-Market Director — Hedy Ho

在一個頂尖的科技公司任職二十年,擔任過不同領導職務並遊走在數個國家的人生,甚至在日新月異的科技產業、邊工作還可以邊完成博士學位?光聽就很不簡單,但 Hedy 回想起職涯剛起步時,那時候看起來很高很高的高層點醒她 "Knowledge is Power" 後,她一路便抱著成長型思維,度過了各種挑戰。讓我們一起聽聽她如何解鎖影響力,勇於面對新的機會但同時也承認錯誤並修正,所帶來的職涯成長。有趣的是,後來她自己也是「很高很高」的主管了,她又是怎麼跟後進分享她的經驗?

EP. 111 透過 Mentorship 培育人才,創造歸屬感的互信空間 —— CAREhER 第一屆 Mentor Her 團體導師計畫

有時想了解不同產業的人在做什麼,或是有沒有什麼挑戰是別人也共同經歷的,卻不知道從何開始?或許妳聽過 mentorship,不管是求學時期的教授、職場上的主管,還是正式計畫中的 mentor,這些都能夠幫助我們在追求自我成長的過程中得到需要的資源,而 CAREhER 也以 #Belonging #Resilience #Growth 的基礎下在會員社群中建立更有系統性的信任關係,團隊推出的 Mentor Her 針對參與者的產業性質、個人經驗及價值組成了為期 4 個月的團體導師計畫。這期我們邀請了其中擁有不同火花的兩組配對來分享她們的旅程。