Tony west

EP. 132 [EN] From Crisis to Culture: The Steering Force Behind Uber’s Cultural Transformation – Tony West, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, and Corporate Secretary, Uber

Imagine starting a new job at a company grappling with internal sexual harassment allegations, a major license revocation in a key market, a data security breach and many other legal woes: all the above were true when Tony walked into his first day as Chief Legal Officer at Uber. Fast forward seven years later, we caught Tony at his Asia tour -- connected by one of CAREhER's very own member -- so we could hear this story first hand, and learn from his journey at Uber to turn around one of the most tarnished reputations in the business world, but most importantly, one that re-shaped the workplace culture of its 20,000+ employees at the time, with millions more of customers whose safety they had to protect.