Sabina Huang 黃之彤


Sabina Huang 黃之彤

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A Wharton MBA alumna, I founded or co-founded 3 businesses, including a head hunting firm, an MBA admissions consulting firm, and a US college admissions consulting firm. My mission is to help young Asian talents excel in the best global academic programs and professional enterprises. Whether it is getting into college or b-school, switching job functions or recruiting new hires, over the last 9 years, I’ve helped more than 200 students get into the top business schools in the US and Europe.

When not at work, I spend time with my husband and three children. I also enjoy having dinner and wine with friends and students who come back to Taipei to visit.

What cities can we find you in?

Taipei most of the time, where I enjoy hanging out with my three kids.

Boston during the summer, where I enjoy sipping wine while my kids play with their cousins in the backyard.


What is your edge?

Trained as an engineer, and later on a businessperson, I try to be logical and to look at facts. I have worked in consulting and in the finance industry, while coaching my client to recruit for both industries and tech.


How do you prioritize time?

I make sure that weekends are family time, and that every week I have at least one evening free of appointments for some “Me” time


Stress management tips?

A glass of red wine works the best for stress. But most of the time I just think that life is too short to feel stressed at all!


What are you reading these days?

I recently read Becoming by Michelle Obama and I really admire the way she tells her own story.

But if there’s something I read the most, it would be my students’ essays, from which I learn industry trends, their achievements, and the way they encounter hardships.


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