Hitomi Otsuka 大塚瞳


Hitomi Otsuka

#FoodDesigner #StoryTellingThroughFood

I am a Japanese food produce and space designer.

My work consists of menu design, event display, collaborating with top resturants & hotels in Japan. I am often traveling around the world to collaborate and also find the best local producers for events.



What Cities you can find me in:

Tokyo and Fukuoka is my main base, but you can also find me in Taipei, Thailand wherever food is delicious!

This March I will be in Paris, Madrid & Morocco.

My Edge:

I am a producer of food industry . I story tell through food, while I ocassionally cook, design the food display, the connection with space, and set a direction.

All the ingredients I use, are directly from the producer I know, locally, supporting farm to table. I’ve visited over 4000 farmers in the world. Therefore, very familiar with the production process and industrial operation. I enjoy any food, from $5 street food to hard to book fine dining resturants.

Being the bridge and present a beautiful story on the dining table is my edge.

How I prioritize time:

Always face myself and see if my soul and body are in perfect condition. Remember that healthy condition is my standard.

Input new things , meditate ,imagine , create draw in your mind and output to society.

My stress management:

First of all to make sure what source is really a stress for myself. And not run away from thinking and find the problem clearly.

Stay calm ,be smarter, believe in yourself, don’t be afraid. I believe through every dark night there is a bright day.

What I Read:

Antique tableware and food related books. Obviously, *all* the magazines of food.

I am often inspired by arts from museums and from watching movie films.

Connect with Hitomi

Hitomi is available for speaking engagements, food events, collaborations, and cooking displays.

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