Christina Lin 林硯


Christina Lin 林硯

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I’ve been growing my career in tech. Having supported small businesses in different roles, I feel passionate about entrepreneurship and helping everyday people succeed and grow their business. My experience working across global offices (Bay Area, Singapore, and Tokyo, with frequent travel in other Greater China cities) in product strategy, product marketing and management, sales, and operations helped me widen my perspectives and evaluate opportunities in a more wholistic approach.

I’m a Taipei native but was educated in Beijing, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. An avid traveller, my aspiration is to stay curious about the world and share stories to connect us all.


What cities we can find you in?

Singapore and Taipei, but my place for recharge is always, Kyoto.


What's your Edge?

Driving alignment between different teams. Often times my job is to help people whose brains are wired differently to understand each other and reach (some) consensus; this also means organizing discussions in a way that moves the project forward without losing the right focus.


What are you reading these days?

I read novels when I need to relax and let my mind wander. Recently I got more interested reading about psychology and relationships, both romantic and social ones. It helps me identify patterns and become more self aware.

其實我很喜歡看穿越小說(笑),讀各種小說都有助我放空。最近也開始對人際關係的書感興趣,主要是想更瞭解自己情緒的來源和相處模式; 許皓宜的《情緒寄生》或者鄧惠文的心理諮商書籍都在我的書單裡。

How do you prioritize time?

I value flexibility and work-life integration. Fortunately my workplace allows people to set their own schedule so I sometimes work late nights to meet a deadline or wake up at 5am for a global call, while other times I take off early to catch my flight for vacation.


Stress management tips?

I realized most of my anxiety comes from inaction, so it’s best to get my hands dirty and actually work on it. Done is better than perfect – and you can’t reach perfection if you never begin somewhere. I find relief in pushing myself to get started, knowing well that I’ll learn and adopt along the way.


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