Tilaine Wang 王亭嵐


Tilaine Wang 王亭嵐

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I am the founder of Aimm, a certified wine educator, and a professional matchmaker. Mother of a 5 year old boy and the dating coach/advisor/guru every one goes to in my groups of friends.

In the day time, I run my company, match my candidates, and coach on relationship management. After a long stressful day of working, a glass of wine is always the best cure for me.

What cities can we find you in:

Taipei, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Dallas.  Those are the cities where most of my clients and users are from.

But you might spot me in Tokyo – my favorite vacation spot.



What's your Edge?

I am always interested in how people interact and their relationships.  I received my Masters degree in Speech and Interpersonal Communication from New York University.

But most importantly, I have personally been through a divorce and am now remarried. This allows me to be more empathetic when my client share their own stories.



How do you prioritize time?

It depends on the situation.  Sometimes it is the family, and some other time will be work, or myself.  There are always unexpected things that come up, so I try to be flexible at all times.


Stress management tips?

Remember that it is OKAY if you do not finish the to do list.  This is what I tell myself all the time.

Use all the tools you can access wisely – calendar, instant messenger, recorder, timer, camera etc.  I just love the fact when I am swamped, my calendar and to do list will lead me to the next task.


聰明使用工具- 像是行事曆、通訊軟體、影音記錄、計時器、相機等。我喜歡行程填滿的感覺,我的行程表跟待辦事項引導我完成一個接一個的任務。

What are you reading these days?

Factfulness: Ten reasons we’re wrong about the world- and why things are better than you think.

I just love that this book gives us an different perspective to see the world.  And I think this is a great way to remind myself not to take anything for granted or jump to conclusions.



Connect with Tilaine

Tilaine is available for speaking engagements, corporate talks, book collaborations and workshop invites.

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