Jill Chang 張瀞仁


Jill Chang 張瀞仁

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Jill Chang has over 15 years of diverse marketing experience in sports, public sector organizations, and non-profits. She is currently the Asia Pacific Network Manager of Give2Asia and oversees operations in over 23 countries.

Jill is also a bestselling author and public speaker. Quiet is a Superpower has become a bestseller in Taiwan, will be published in the US in 2020. The book provides a millennial’s perspective of how introverts can shine in the workplace and climb up the corporate ladder. It also is a guide for people who work in multi-cultural environments.


How do you prioritize your time?

I always start with thinking from a broader perspective- what are the important things in this life? For example, family is important, self-value is important, and health is the foundation, so whenever I need to make a decision or assess priorities, I’d make sure they are aligned with the overall goal of life. Randi Zuckerburg’s “Pick 3” approach is helpful in making me feel comfortable walking away from things I “should” do, I’d never sacrifice my sleep though.

我都會從更廣的角度去想- 生命中重要的是甚麼?譬如家庭很重要、自我價值很重要,健康則是一切的基礎。每當我需要作決定會評估優先順序,我會先問自己這個決定是否和人生整體的優先順序一致。蘭蒂祖克伯的「選三哲學」也讓我在放棄事情時不會那麼有罪惡感;但我是絕對不會放棄睡眠的。

What cities can we find you in?

I’m based in Taipei, with regular trips to LA and Bay area. I travel to different Asian cities as well.


What's your Edge?

I have a very diverse background (sociology, sports management, social work), I’ve worked in various industries across multi-cultures (sports industry, US State government, international nonprofit), but I think one of my biggest edges is I’m quiet and open-minded enough to listen and think through everything I came across. “Still waters run deep,” that’s what they say.


What are you reading these days (mags, websites, books)?

Being a fan of sports literature, I’m reading Dirk Hayhurst’s “Out of My League” to learn his journey in the minor league baseball.

我很喜歡看運動文學,最近在看Dirk Hayhurst寫他在小聯盟旅程的 “Out of My League”。

Stress management tips?

Being alone, eating sweets with rock music on. This has been proven to be very helpful to create an oasis in the desert of stress.


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